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  • 22 November 2017

New app to assist businesses when calculating notice periods etc., for salaried employees

To which notice period is your employee subject? For how many days has your employee been absent from work due to sickness? To which severance payment is your employee entitled in the event of termination of employment? There are quite a few issues to keep track of in the event of termination of employment. At Bech-Bruun, we have developed an app providing you, in only a few simple steps, with an overview of employees' rights in the event of termination.

It may be a practical challenge to keep track of all the various employment terms of each of your employees in the event of termination – from calculating the notice period to paying compensation, if any. At Bech-Bruun, we have therefore developed an app which, in only a few simple steps, provides you with a method of calculating notice periods, 120 sick days and any severance payment to be made in the event of termination.

In one simple step, the app enables access to calculations and instantly provides you with information – at review meetings, in day-to-day operations and in other contexts. The app is a practical tool ensuring at all times that you, as the employer, have a general idea of the rights enjoyed by your employees, whether in connection with a specific termination situation or any considerations in that respect.

The app enables you to:

  • Calculate employees' notice periods
  • Compute an employee’s days of absence from work due to sickness
  • Calculate any severance payment to be made to the employee

Apart from the calculation functions, the app also allows storage of any calculations for future use and sharing of such calculations with relevant persons within the organisation.

The app is the latest addition to several digital tools developed by Bech-Bruun in order to address the challenges faced by our clients.

The app may be downloaded free of charge to iPhone via App Store by searching for "Bech-Bruun".

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