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  • 22 August 2014

New pro-active action plan to protect the marine environment

From the beginning of 2015, new stricter rules will apply to sulphur emissions from ships. A new action plan from the Danish Maritime Authority and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency is to ensure effective enforcement of the new rules.

On 1 January 2015, new and stricter rules will come into force on the emission of sulphur from ships. In future, ships must therefore use fuel with a low content of sulphur or alternatively use exhaust gas cleaning systems.

Together with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, the Danish Maritime Authority has adopted a pro-active action plan with specific focus areas targeted at ensuring improved protection of the marine environment.

Fair competition
As both the use of fuel with a low sulphur content and exhaust gas cleaning systems are significantly more expensive than merely using conventional fuel, there may be a financial incentive in failing to comply with the new rules.

The Danish Maritime Authority therefore wants to strengthen the rule enforcement efforts in order to ensure fair competition in global shipping. Thus, the action plan, among other things, focuses on international cooperation, sanctions as well as improved statistics and documentation efforts.

International cooperation
With respect to international cooperation, the objective is to secure the support of international business partners with a view to ensuring that environmental shipping rules are enforced effectively and in a uniform manner both out of consideration for the environment but also in order to ensure fair competition within global shipping.

In addition, sanctions must be both consistent and on the level of any potential profit gained from failing to act in accordance with the environmental rules.

With increased focus on statistics and documentation, the Danish Maritime Authority and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency hope to be able to compile a substantial and well-consolidated data basis with a view to ensuring effective and systematic exchange of information among the member states.

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