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  • 04 March 2013

Bech-Bruun’s energy and climate team publishes report for the Maersk Group

Bech-Bruun’s energy and oil team has arranged with Mærsk Oil & Gas to prepare a report describing the general legal framework for combined enhanced oil recovery and carbon capture and storage.

As agreed with Maersk Oil & Gas, Bech-Bruun has prepared an indepth report on enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and carbon capture and storage (CCS).

In a combined EOR/CCS project, CO2 is captured from units emitting CO2, such as power plants. The captured CO2 emissions are transported by vessel or pipelines to an oil recovery platform, at which the CO2 is injected into an oil field to recover oil and store the CO2 in one single operation.

The report contains a full description of the Danish regulatory framework for the value chain of an EOR/CCS project; from the capture and transportation to injection and storage of the CO2 in the subsoil of the Danish North Sea. The report describes the regulatory requirements in particular, such as requirements for obtaining licences under the Danish Subsoil Act (undergrundsloven) and the statutory CO2 emissions quota applicable to an EOR/CCS project.

The report addresses a number of issues that have not been dealt with previously because of the limited experience with the regulatory framework of the CCS directive, which forms the basis of the CCS provisions of the Subsoil Act, and because a combined EOR/CCS project has not yet been initiated in the Danish North Sea.

The report has been financed by the Global CCS Institute and is published on the institute’s website.

The team behind the report consists of Per Hemmer, Partner at Bech-Bruun, and Rania Kassis, Associate at Bech-Bruun.

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