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  • 28 September 2017

New digital tool helps you prepare for the General Data Protection Regulation

On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) takes effect and will be directly applicable in all EU member states. This means that every enterprise, authority and organisation will soon have to comply with significantly more stringent requirements for processing personal data. If an enterprise fails to comply with the requirements, it may be punished with a substantial fine. In collaboration with the consultancy business Gestion, Bech-Bruun has developed PACTIUS Privacy. PACTIUS Privacy is a simple digital tool that helps you meet the new requirements and guarantees that you always comply with applicable rules.

PACTIUS Privacy is a compliance tool assisting enterprises, organisations and authorities in meeting the new requirements for the processing of personal data. The tool facilitates and simplifies the procedures of documenting and administrating personal data processing.  

"We're facing an important compliance task," says Charlotte Bagger Tranberg, data protection specialist of Bech-Bruun and a co-developer of PACTIUS Privacy. "All enterprises, organisations and authorities will be affected by the new Regulation. We've developed PACTIUS Privacy to provide the enterprises with a digital tool that may support their processing of personal data in the best possible way to ensure compliance with the requirements of the new Regulation. Not only is the system a result of a unique collaboration between highly specialised and market-oriented lawyers and IT specialists, its functions may also be customised to match the individual enterprise."     

At all levels, PACTIUS Privacy takes account of the practical and legal work which personal data processing compliance entails, including the Regulation's impact on the new Danish data protection legislation. PACTIUS Privacy allows you, among other things, to create processing activity records; to manage your organisation's ongoing work with data protection compliance; to prepare relevant reports and risk assessments; to control the drafting of policies and data processor agreements; to make searches across all registrations, etc.

PACTIUS Privacy is a module added to the contract management system, PACTIUS. Read more at www.pactius.com.  

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