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  • 11 January 2017

Bech-Bruun tops law firm M&A league table for the fifth year in a row

An increase of more than 20% in the number of transactions puts Bech-Bruun yet again in the top of Mergermarket's list of law firms in Denmark having advised on the highest number of M&A transactions.

This is evident from the annual survey from international intelligence and news agency Mergermarket. A quick review of the survey reveals that Bech-Bruun has moved firmly ahead of its peers and now tops the list in Denmark measured by the number of transactions.

"Our number one ranking for the fifth year running in the Danish M&A market indicates our wealth of knowledge and specialisation in M&A transactions," says Jacob Hjortshøj, Chairman and M&A Partner of Bech-Bruun. "The key elements behind every transaction are case management and the ability to line up with the perfect team each time. This helps us to provide specialised consultancy services based on insight into our clients' operations and the market they operate in. The combination of professional expertise and business understanding is a decisive factor, and one of the finest objectives of our strategy is to support such elements."

Challenged M&A market
Despite several important political events in Europe and the USA that augured unrest in the M&A market last year, 2016 transactions managed to gain momentum and match the high level of 2015 transactions. 

"Internationally, 2016 was yet another significant year for M&A transactions although we experienced substantial political events that affected most of the world," says Jacob Hjortshøj. "In terms of transactions, 2016 was the third-largest year since 2007. The 2016 level also had an impact on Bech-Bruun as we increased the number of transactions by more than 20% and also assisted in some of the most significant and important transactions of the year."  

During last year, Bech-Bruun assisted clients in several significant transactions. These transactions involved businesses such as the Danish chewing gum manufacturer Fertin Pharma A/S, the Danish juice-bar group Joe & The Juice, the furniture chain BoConcept Holding A/S, Ferrosan Medical Devices and SFK Leblanc A/S.

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