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  • 16 January 2015

Bech-Bruun strongest within M&A for the third year running

New figures from the international rating agency Mergermarket show that, for the third year running, Bech-Bruun stands out as the law firm having advised on the highest number of M&A transactions in Denmark.

With 54 large transactions in 2014, Bech-Bruun has once again advised on more large transactions than any other law firm in Denmark. This is documented in the most recent statement from the international rating agency Mergermarket. At the same time, Bech-Bruun is the highest ranked law firm in Denmark measured by transaction value.

For several years, Bech-Bruun has specialised in M&A transactions. A strategic move, which has proven highly successful: Since 2012, Bech-Bruun has taken the lead in Denmark in this area and was granted the Mergermarket award ’Denmark M&A Legal Adviser of the Year’ in December 2014. Mergermarket stated that the award was granted to Bech-Bruun because of its long-standing lead position and because Bech-Bruun continues to advise on some of the largest and most significant transactions in Denmark, such as A. P. Møller-Mærsk’s sale of Dansk Supermarked.

Signs of the Danish economy picking up
Jacob Hjortshøj, chairman of Bech-Bruun’s executive committee and M&A partner, sees several positive trends in the M&A market. 

“In 2014, we once again saw decent increases in the activity in the Danish M&A market. This is testament to a market returning to normal following several years of financial crisis. At the same time, this a sign of the Danish economy picking up, with the increase in transactions showing that the investors have money to spend and that there is a higher level of accordance between the buyer’s and the seller’s price expectations.”

Positive outlook in Europe
In 2014, the European M&A market recovered and reached its highest levels since the onset of the credit crunch. The number of transactions increased in 2014 by almost 5 % over 2013. In the Nordic region, the number of transactions increased by an impressive 9 %; a level which Denmark – despite its progress – has not reached. 

“Following the crisis, Denmark has dragged its feet a bit compared with the other Nordic countries. This is no doubt a consequence of Denmark in general having been challenged by lower growth rates than our Nordic neighbours. This being said, my expectations for the 2015 M&A market are positive and we are already now seeing a very sensible pipeline,” says Jacob Hjortshøj.

In 2014, foreign investors displayed a high level of interest in Danish undertakings and seen all together, more than half of the transactions in Denmark involved an international buyer or seller. And Danish investors have also spotted the upside effects potentially generated by international investments in undertakings. We have thus seen a significant development in Cross-Border M&A in the Danish market from 2013 to 2014.

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