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  • 02 February 2015

Bech-Bruun strengthens the areas of financial regulation and financial analysis

Tina Øster Larsen and Jørgen Dreyer Hemmsen are the two new profiles in Bech-Bruun’s group of partners.

Tina Øster Larsen and Jørgen Dreyer Hemmsen have just been made partners of Bech-Bruun.

Tina specialises within regulation of financial undertakings and investment services companies and non-occupational pension funds in particular. She also provides advice in connection with setting up and investing in private equity funds, corporate law and M&A.

"Financial regulation is an area undergoing radical changes and on which Bech-Bruun has intense focus. Tina is highly talented in comprehending the complicated rules and assisting our clients in structuring their activities to achieve the best possible solutions commercially. We have no doubts that with Tina as partner, we have a very strong player on our team", says Simon Evers Kalsmose-Hjelmborg, managing partner of Bech-Bruun.

Jørgen is Bech-Bruun’s chief economist and has, since 2001, worked in particular with the financial aspects of competition law. When joining as partner, Jørgen will also become head of Bech-Bruun’s newly established practice group, Financial Analysis.

“Our new practice group, Financial Analysis, is a new strategic move of Bech-Bruun. With this new group we will be able to offer our clients valuable supplementary advice of a very high quality. Jørgen’s insight into financial aspects related to legal issues such as statements of damages and impact assessments gives Bech-Bruun a unique profile, and I am very pleased to welcome Jørgen as partner", says Simon.

Tina holds an LLM and has been with Bech-Bruun since 2003. Jørgen holds an MSc in business administration and commercial law and has, while working for Bech-Bruun, also taught at the Copenhagen Business School.

Tina and Jørgen became partners in January 2015.

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