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  • 17 January 2014

Bech-Bruun retains M&A top ranking

For the second year running, Bech-Bruun leads the M&A market according to a new Mergermarket report ranking the leading law firms based on the number of transactions.

Having assisted on 50 large transactions in 2013, Bech-Bruun continues to lead the Danish M&A market based on number of transactions, a fresh Mergermarket report shows, ranking the leading law firms based on number of M&A transactions.

Bech-Bruun also takes up a strong position in the Scandinavian M&A market ranking second among all Nordic law firms based on number of transactions. 

According to Jacob Hjortshøj, M&A partner and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Bech-Bruun, the Danish M&A market has recovered after the financial crisis:

“All together Denmark experienced an increase in M&A transactions in 2013, and the market is more stable than it has been for a long time. I believe that the market has more or less reached the pre-crisis level. For a number of years, Denmark witnessed lower growth in the number of transactions than our Nordic neighbours, but the situation has changed and our growth rates now exceed those of our neighbours.”

According to the Mergermarket report, the top 15 law firms in Denmark account for 317 transactions in 2013 as compared to 295 transactions in 2012, constituting a 7.5% increase. The Nordic market has registered a drop in transactions among the top 15 law firms from 693 transactions in 2012 to 605 transactions in 2013, equivalent to a 12.7% decrease.

In 2012, Bech-Bruun was the best ranked law firm in Denmark and the Nordic countries based on number of M&A transactions. And Jacob Hjortshøj is not surprised:

“M&A transactions are a complex practice area requiring specialist competences. Process management is the key to successful transactions, small as well as large, ensuring that the client receives the best possible advisory services at a competitive rate. Our top ranking on the Danish M&A market owes to many years of specialisation as well as our extensive experience in managing large and small processes. Moreover, the size of our firm enables us to always staff transactions with lawyers from the right seniority levels. We are obviously very pleased to learn that our strategic M&A efforts pay off”, Jacob Hjortshøj says.

As to his expectations for the 2014 M&A market, Jacob Hjortshøj says:

“In 2013, the Danish share price development has been nothing less than fantastic contributing to the dawning optimism in the Danish population and among corporate executives. Moreover, the current macroeconomic key factors indicate that the upsurge will continue in 2014. The loan market is stable and the IPO market is more positive than in previous years. These conditions all provide a basis for assuming that the upsurge in the M&A market will continue in 2014.”

In recent years, the private equity sector has established that the best investment results are to be gained on the Scandinavian market. And investors from other parts of the world find Danish and Scandinavian businesses attractive, especially Chinese investors are interested:

"Chinese businesses show a growing interest in investments in Denmark, in particular within the fields of IT, technology and telecommunications and in businesses with strong trademarks. But also the positive developments in the USA lead us to believe that the American readiness to invest will be increasing", Jacob Hjortshøj says.

Bech-Bruun transactions in 2013
Bech-Bruun rendered assistance in some of the most important and high-profile transactions in 2013, such as:

  • NorgesGruppen's acquisition of a 55% shareholding in Dagrofa, including the transfer of the chain companies Spar Danmark A/S and SuperBest A.m.b.a.
  • Altor's (PE Fund) sale of the Euro Cater Group to British Intermediate Capital Group (ICG) and the management.
  • Altra Industrial Motion's acquisition of Svendborg Brakes. 

Top 15 Danish M&A law firms

  1. Bech-Bruun (50 transactions)
  2. Gorrissen Federspiel (37 transactions)
  3. Plesner (36 transactions)
  4. Kromann Reumert (35 transactions)
  5. Accura (31 transactions)
  6. Rønne & Lundgren (26 transactions)
  7. Bruun & Hjejle (25 transactions)
  8. Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen (23 transactions)
  9. Hannes Snellman (18 transactions)
  10. Delacour (8 transactions)
  11. Linklaters (7 transactions)
  12. Baker & McKenzie (6 transactions)
  13. Mannheimer Swartling (5 transactions)
  14. Thommessen (5 transactions)
  15. Vinge (5 transactions)

Top 15 Nordic M&A law firms

  1. Schjødt, N (57 transactions)
  2. Bech-Bruun, DK (52 transactions)
  3. Vinge, S (51 transactions)
  4. Hannes Snellman, F, S, DK (48 transactions)
  5. Mannheimer Swartling, S (48 transactions)
  6. Wiersholm, N (39 transactions)
  7. BA-HR, N (39 transactions)
  8. Gorrissen Federspiel, DK transactions)
  9. Plesner, DK (37 transactions)
  10. Kromann Reumert, DK (36 transactions)
  11. Accura, DK (34 transactions)
  12. Thommessen, N (33 transactions)
  13. Wikborg Rein & Co., N (33 transactions)
  14. Roschier, F, S (31 transactions)
  15. Selmer, N (29 transactions)
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