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  • 17 July 2014

Bech-Bruun in lead of M&A market on the up

Bech-Bruun is taking a lead position in the first half of 2014 as the Danish law firm having advised on the highest number of transactions in Denmark and the Nordic region. And this in a market displaying signs of progress and increasing activity.

The executive offices of global, European and national undertakings have been busy during the first half of 2014. A new league table from the international intelligence and news agency Mergermarket shows that the global market for business transactions is experiencing increasing activity nearing the levels seen before the credit crunch.

Bech-Bruun has for a number of years specialised within M&A and has been at the very top of Mergermarket’s league tables in both 2013 and 2012, when the level of activity really picked up pace. According to Jacob Hjortshøj, M&A partner and chairman of Bech-Bruun’s executive committee, the future looks both bright and stable when it comes to the Danish market for business transactions:

During the first half of 2014, the international M&A market experienced a huge increase. We are now seeing signs that this development is also spreading to Denmark, which means that hopefully the long-awaited normalisation of the market for business transactions will become reality. The positive development will be supported by the huge interest from abroad enjoyed by Danish businesses, not least from private equity funds and other financial buyers, who have generally seen good results from investments in Denmark. This is also backed by banks’ increasing willingness to lend, a historically low interest rate and optimism in the international financial markets. Our pipeline and knowledge of future sales processes indicate that this normalisation will be a fact already this autumn.”

At an international level we are seeing particularly good signs. According to Mergermarket, the value of the business transactions in the first six months of 2014 has on a global level increased by an impressive 56% compared with the same period last year. This is almost on the level of 2007, and thereby before the start of the financial crisis.

The value of cross-border M&A transactions on a global level is in addition at its highest since the second half of 2007 amounting to an increase of a record 82% on the same period of last year.  

At a European level we are also talking about a return to the pre-credit crunch levels and with a registered value of EUR 333bn, the value of business transactions in Europe for the first half of 2014 is thereby at the highest level recorded since the second half of 2008.

The Nordic market is seeing modest increases of approx. 3% with 554 transactions in the first half of 2014 against 540 in the same period last year. In Denmark, activity in the first half of 2014 with a total of 157 registered transactions is at the level of last year, which also saw 157 transactions in total. This year we are in particular seeing substantial interest from foreign investors, who are contributing to the number of transactions. An impressive 56% of the Danish undertakings sold in the first half of 2014 now have non-Danish owners.

With the positive trends in the European market, satisfactory activity in the Danish market and a promising pipeline, the outlook for the second half of the year is good.

Bech-Bruun at the top of the market
With 29 Danish business transactions in the first half of 2014, Bech-Bruun is once again taking the lead in the Mergermarket league table of law firms having handled the highest number of business transactions.

At a Nordic level, Bech-Bruun is also among the best taking third place among Nordic law firms with 30 business transactions in the Nordic market.

Advisory services in connection with business transactions, such as the sale of Dansk Supermarked and Færch Plast as well as the acquisition of Profil Optik, have contributed to securing Bech-Bruun’s lead position in the M&A market.

Top 15 within M&A in Denmark

  1. Bech-Bruun (29 transactions)
  2. Kromann Reumert (23 transactions)
  3. Accura (20 transactions)
  4. Plesner (18 transactions)
  5. Rønne & Lundgren (16 transactions)
  6. Gorrissen Federspiel (14 transactions)
  7. Bruun & Hjejle (12 transactions)
  8. Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen (9 transactions)
  9. Linklaters (6 transactions)
  10. Watson, Farley & Williams (4 transactions)
  11. Roschier (4 transactions)
  12. Schjodt (4 transactions)
  13. Baker & McKenzie (3 transactions)
  14. Kirkland & Ellis (2 transactions)
  15. Hengeler Mueller (2 transactions)

Top 15 within M&A in the Nordic region

  1. Vinge, N (47 transactions)
  2. Mannheimer Swartling, S (42 transactions)
  3. Bech-Bruun, DK (30 transactions)
  4. Schjødt, N (27 transactions)
  5. Roschier, F, S (23 transactions)
  6. Hannes Snellman, F, S, DK (23 transactions)
  7. Accura, DK (23 transactions)
  8. Kromann Reumert, DK (23 transactions)
  9. Wiersholm, N (22 transactions)
  10. Wikborg Rein & Co, N (20 transactions)
  11. Thommessen, N (18 transactions)
  12. Plesner, DK (18 transactions)
  13. White & Case,  US (17 transactions)
  14. Advokatfirman Lindahl, S (17 transactions)
  15. Rønne & Lundgren, DK (16 transactions)

For more information please see: Bech-Bruun retains M&A top ranking (17 January 2014) and Bech-Bruun leads the Nordic 2012 M&A market (14 January 2013).

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