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  • 11 September 2014

Bech-Bruun distributes The World’s Best News

Again this year, Bech-Bruun supports the campaign The World’s Best News, organised by the UN, Danida and the Danish development organisations.

Danes generally have a too pessimistic view of the actual progress in the developing countries. Therefore, the global progress must be communicated as separate news stories to the Danish population. This is the main objective of the campaign The World’s Best News, which Bech-Bruun is backing again this year.

The campaign is a collaboration between the UN, Danida, the NGOs and the business community. The objective is the UN’s 2015 Goals, adopted as a widely recognised measure for world development.

The good news: More people are receiving an education
One of the UN’s 2015 Goals is “education for all” and in this area we have good news: Currently, around 90% of the children in developing countries are in school.

In Tanzania, twice as many children now attend school as was the case in 1999. And children in Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Ethiopia and Nepal have also benefited from these countries’ massive commitment to building more schools and educating more teachers.

In 2011, 137 million children started school. In four development regions – North Africa, East Asia, Latin America and Southeast Asia – at least 95% of all children attend school.

Read more about the goal of achieving education for the whole world

Our commitment
As signatory to the UN Global Compact, Bech-Bruun works actively towards contributing to the UN’s 2015 Goals.

The results of our commitment include:

  • The opening of two schools in Africa
  • Improved teaching at 11 schools in Ethiopia
  • Coaching of entrepreneurs in Kenya and South Africa
  • Numerous pro bono partnerships
  • Support for the work with human rights and due process protection via the newly established think tank Justitia.

Read more about this in our CSR report.
Find more information about the campaign The World’s Best News.

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