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  • 21 June 2013

Prominent Chinese investor delegation visits Greenland

On 3 to 6 July 2013, a Chinese investor delegation comprising leading mining companies and investment banks led by Bech-Bruun law firm together with Greenland Invest is to explore concrete business opportunities in Greenland.

Greenland’s mining, oil and gas indu­stries are evolving rapidly and so are the business opportunities in these sectors. Investors and mining companies from all over the world are keenly interested in getting their share of Greenland’s subterranean treasury of unexplored and yet unknown volumes of iron, uranium, ruby and rare earth metals.

On 2 July, Bech-Bruun and the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) will host an event in Copenhagen to introduce Chinese mining companies and investors to DI’s members before the delegation leaves for Nuuk in Greenland to scope potential investments from 3 to 6 July.

The delegation counts around 20 members representing, among others, the Chinese state bank China Development Bank and the Chinese mining companies Shandong Far East Mining Group and Hubei Nonferrous Metals Holding Group.

Meetings with business and government officials               
“The companies are all sending representatives of their absolute top management. The trip is designed to give an overview of the legal framework, Greenland’s mining ambitions and of course concrete business opportunities”, says Bech-Bruun Partner Søren Meisling who heads the Nuuk delegation together with Bech-Bruun Junior associate Jingjing Su. The busy itinerary includes meetings with ministers of the Greenland Parliament, the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum as well as members of Greenland’s business sector, which are arranged by Greenland Invest.

With the establishment of a Chinese Desk and a representative office in Shanghai in 2011, Bech-Bruun has intensified the focus on China and client opportunities following China’s recent Five-Year Plan which dictates increasing foreign investments. Most recently, these initiatives have been followed by a Greenlandic Desk specialising in aiding international clients, such as Chinese, Canadian and Australian mining companies, explore business opportunities in Greenland.

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