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  • 31 October 2012

Launching of Bech-Bruun Legal Templates

At Bech-Bruun, we are constantly focused on developing value-creating solutions for our clients. In this connection, we have launched, Bech-Bruun Legal Templates, a new web-based platform.

Bech-Bruun Legal Templates contains legal precedents – in both the Danish and English language – in the following legal disciplines: Labour and Employment Law, EU and Competition Law, Real Estate, Intellectual Property and Company Law.

Access to Bech-Bruun Legal Templates is free of charge and is available to selected clients.

The unique service provided by Bech-Bruun Legal Templates bolsters the sharing of knowledge between our business partners and us, a matter which we prioritise.

The launching of Bech-Bruun Legal Templates is the latest in a long line of creative IT solutions developed by Bech-Bruun to accommodate the challenges which we and our clients face. Unparalleled client service is one of the aims which we hope to fulfil by the launching of this service. Clients and business partners can avail of a number of online services, via our Bech-Bruun Extranet, which was first established in 2005. Such services include Bech-Bruun Deal Room and Bech-Bruun Business Online.

Bech-Bruun Deal Room is a virtual data room which grants authorised users access to transactional documentation and the ability to make amendments to such documentation. It is a cost effective method to remove the need for a physical data room and expedites the transaction process.

Bech-Bruun Business Online is an online document folder system, providing access to corporate documents, for example, transcripts from the Danish Business Authority, articles of association and minute books. Our clients can decide which parties may obtain access to Bech-Bruun Business Online and the specific corporate documents to which they may obtain access.

We currently have 151 open sites, 1751 active users and between 20,000 to 30,000 documents in our external databases.

Should you like to know more about Bech-Bruun Legal Templates, please write to us at BBLegalTemplates@bechbruun.com.

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