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  • 07 December 2012

Bech-Bruun extends its partnership with Save the Children

Over the next five years, Bech-Bruun will provide support to 11 schools, 5,500 children and 500 teachers in Ethiopia.

Bech-Bruun has collaborated closely with Save the Children, Denmark for the past five years, and our joint efforts have resulted in the construction of two new schools. We have extended our partnership with Save the Children until 2017 and in this connection, we will be providing support to 11 schools, 5,500 children and 500 teachers in Ethiopia. 

“We are extremely pleased to be able to continue our successful partnership with Save the Children and to support and help improve the educational prospects of children in Ethiopia,” says Bech-Bruun’s managing partner Randi Bach Poulsen. “With the construction of the two new schools, we helped create a basis for development. The next step is to put in place a teaching framework and general standards to ensure that the children’s future opportunities will improve even further.” 

The 11 schools to which we will be providing support are located in the Ensaro district, north of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. They include the Mite School, which we previously sponsored. By way of our support, we hope to improve school facilities and teaching materials, as well as to facilitate the training of teachers. Our target group also includes 250 parent teacher associations, the parents of the 5,500 children which we are supporting and their local environment.

“Our partnership with Bech-Bruun exemplifies how a company can be committed to supporting children’s development for the long haul. We are, therefore, also very pleased that our partnership with Bech-Bruun has been extended,” says Mimi Jakobsen, CEO of Save the Children, Denmark.

Our new project with Save the Children encompasses the:

  • post training of 500 teachers to improve the quality of education
  • creation of 2,700 child-to-child support groups to help children stay in school
  • purchase of 1,125 tables, sports equipment, teaching material and equipment for the physics classrooms of the 11 schools
  • renovation of a number of schools, including the installation of five toilets and five water pumps

For more information concerning the results of our previous partnership with Save the Children, please read our CSR report 2012.   

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