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  • 19 April 2012

Bech-Bruun lawyer appointed to Berlingske Talent Top100

Berlingske Business Magasin has again this year selected 100 talents in Denmark and Bech-Bruun’s Johannes Grove Nielsen is one of them.

Berlingske selects the 100 talents based on extensive nominations from the Danish businesses. Once the candidates have been nominated, Berlingske selects the talents on the basis of three criteria: The talent’s professional qualifications, managerial capabilities and performance. In addition, references from the nearest supervisor or a former supervisor are taken into account.

Johannes Grove Nielsen is described as follows:

“When Johannes Grove Nielsen is asked to explain why he works with maritime law he starts by mentioning a bunch of figures: Danish shipping companies own approx. three percent of all commercial vessels in the world. They control around five per cent. They transport approx. ten per cent of the world trade.

“I don’t think we all realise how important this area is to Denmark,” Johannes Grove Nielsen says. The importance to society is a major driving force behind his commitment and his superior Jes Anker Mikkelsen, partner of Bech-Bruun, says: “He is deeply committed to society: What makes shipping the glue that binds word trade together? He can be somewhat philosophical in his approach,” Jes Anker Mikkelsen says.

But Johannes Grove Nielsen’s work also extends to the international scene. His work day may begin in the Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court and end on a plane bound for New York. In fact New York is the city where he has recently won one of his major victories: When he ensured protection in the US for Danish shipping company The Containership Company under restructuring when he managed for the first time ever to obtain recognition of Danish restructuring proceedings under chapter 15 before the Federal Bankruptcy Court in New York.

"It was tremendously exciting to be a part of this process," Johannes Grove Nielsen says. Johannes Grove Nielsen is 35 years old and an associate at Bech-Bruun.”

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