Lise Aagaard

Junior Associate

About Lise Aagaard

PhD (pharm.) 2008
Master of Laws (University of Copenhagen) 2015
Master of Science in Pharmacy (Msc Pharm.) 2001

English, German

Lise Aagaard specialises in life sciences, including regulatory science, medico, clinical tests, market access and pharmacovigilance.

As professor of clinical pharmacy at the University of Southern Denmark, Lise primarily focuses on drug safety policies, including particularly use of pharmaceuticals by minors.

Previously, Lise was associate professor of community pharmacy at the University of Copenhagen, monitoring drug safety and clinical tests for the Danish Medicines Agency and designing the national interaction database and quality control at H. Lundbeck A/S.

Lise Aagaard was former member of the research council of Odense University Hospital and Chair of board of the Danish Pharmaceutical Society.


  • Editor in chief: Orphan Drugs - Research and Reviews (Dove Press NZ
  • Review editor - Frontiers in Medicine (Frontiers Schweizerland)


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