Commercial Contracts

Our expertise includes:

  • Outsourcing agreements 
  • Joint ventures and syndicates
  • Franchise contracts  
  • Project agreements and turnkey contracts (BOT and DBO projects) 
  • Agreements on strategic partnerships and industrial deliveries 
  • Production, procurement, service and supply agreements 
  • Development contracts 
  • OEM agreements 
  • Distribution agreements (with agents and distributors, for instance) 
  • Drafting of all types of standard agreements and general terms of business
  • Drafting of contract policies for your enterprise's most important types of contracts
  • Consulting services on the use and adaptation of standard contracts, such as FIDIC, Orgalime and NLM.

How may we help?
We have profound knowledge of and wide experience in drafting the optimum terms of contract adapting them to the specific lines of businesses as well as the particular challenges facing certain projects.

We offer legal and strategic consultancy services to guarantee our clients the best possible business results. We work pro-actively throughout the entire process, assessing the risks and commercial issues related to contract negotiations and drafting.

We give high priority to our interdisciplinary teamwork. As a result, our clients have access to all the requisite and relevant expertise and knowledge in order to meet their business targets. Our interdisciplinary teams include specialists in all areas of commercial contract drafting, including contract and commercial law, competition law, claims, taxation, labour law, corporate complianceIT law and IP law.

We have extensive expertise in contract management and have, among other things, developed our own contract management system, Pactius. 

Common challenges
Contracts must define the rights and obligations of the contracting parties so as to provide them with a clear overview of potential risks and help mitigate these risks. A well-prepared and carefully drawn up contract may help reduce costs, minimise risks and ensure compliance.

Many enterprises are greatly challenged, for instance when defining and describing the terms and conditions of the contracts they are about to enter as well as when handling costs and risks, planning and conducting negotiations, terminating contracts, and collecting and sharing knowledge.

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