Money laundering

Our expertise includes:

  • Drafting of compliance programmes in relation to the Danish Money Laundering Act (hvidvaskloven)
  • Implementation by means of advisory services and training 
  • Your contact to the authorities on any violation of law
  • Criminal law issues in connection with the Money Laundering Act.

How can we assist?
We can help you tailor a compliance programme specifically for your needs and requirements.
We can assist you in all parts of the development of a programme such as:

  • Conduct initial risk assessment 
  • Draw up a compliance programme
  • Assist in organisational anchoring
  • Draft rules and instructions
  • Revise employee handbook, letters of employment, sales and delivery terms, etc.
  • Establish a whistleblower scheme in enterprises with more than five employees
  • Train employees
  • Check that the programme is actually followed
  • Evaluate and revise the programme.

We can also perform an independent health check of your organisation's current compliance level, for instance by reviewing the effect of and compliance with already established programmes.

Industry challenges
Any enterprise that is subject to the Money Laundering Act must develop and implement a programme that meets statutory requirements. This applies to financial sector enterprises, real estate agents, and enterprises with activities in the areas of lending and financial leasing.

Many of the enterprises comprised by this legislation are required to be registered with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority or the Danish Business Authority. Some are required to designate specific persons as being responsible for the efforts against money laundering. They must maintain a programme that complies with statutory requirements and be able to document their compliance.

The monitoring of enterprises' compliance with the regulations is expected to be rather intensive, and the level of fines on any violation will be fairly high.

All these factors call for a professional compliance programme based on an in-depth analysis of your need, the world in which you operate, and the particular risks facing your organisation.

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