Billing models

We wish to ensure transparency and predictability in our fees. That is why we have developed a range of billing models. In our initial dialogue with our clients, we determine which billing model best suits the task at hand. Frequently, this results in a combination of two or more billing models.

Our most frequently used billing models are:

  • Hourly billing rate: This billing model is the most common arrangement and enables the precise billing of a task based upon its size and complexity, as well as the specialist competences employed to solve the task.
  • Blended rates: By way of this model, a single fixed rate is charged for both senior and junior lawyers, irrespective of which lawyer performs the task. 
  • Fixed fees: Using this model, we are able to determine a fixed fee for the entire task, based on certain conditions. It is, however, a prerequisite that the entire scope of the task is defined in advance.

In the event that we have not agreed upon a specific billing model in advance, the following criteria will apply in assessing legal fees:

  • The legal and commercial complexity of the matter.
  • The expected time to be spent on the matter.
  • The specialist knowledge required to resolve the matter.
  • The extent of the work expected to be conducted outside normal working hours or under time pressure.

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